Custom Application
Northumberland Grain Inc. can service all your CUSTOM application needs throughout the year!  Our operators have been fully trained to custom apply your dry and liquid fertilizer.

The Sprayers

Patriot sprayers deliver the right rate and droplet size not only across the entire boom, but also the entire field.  A stable spray platform delivers product consistently across varied conditions.  Skips and overlaps are minimized with automatic boom control and guidance.  

To maximize your crop's yield potential, product needs to be applied at the right agronomic
moment.  The Patriot Spray gets growers into the field earlier while causing less soil compaction and maximizing on tight operating windows

The Venturi

With the ability to deliver fertilizer accurately thru the 70ft mid-mounted booms and the capability of using either row crop or floatation tires, the Venturi extends the window of  opportunity to apply product with true accuracy combined with the multi-bin system for the ability to deliver variable rates for up to 3 different products. 

In crop application cover crops,  seed and/or fertilizer.  There are  less than 5 of the 350 Ventrui  Airflows in Ontario, Northumberland Grain  was the FIRST to own and operate this machine and put it to the test.   We have  been more then pleased with the performance and results.

 The Vector

The Vector combines two pieces of equipment into one.  The Vector 300 is an industry leading, high clearance applicator that allows an operator to quickly and efficiently spread fertilizer up to 105 feet, and lime up to 60 feet with AMAZING accuracy.  

The vector offers the capability to swap between row crop to floatation tires, while still maintaining optimal performance, the Vector offer the versatility of pre and post plant application.

The Vector can handle the most adverse field conditions, with the ability to select between 2x4 or 4x4. When you see the Vector in your field you are seeing a machine with raw horse power that can handle a load of 10 tons of material and is performing at its BEST for YOU!!

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